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Are you getting warnings about an infection which suggest you click OK to "download spyware remover for total protection"? Your Home page has changed? Getting windows opening automatically to virus/spyware removing websites. We can remove the Virus or Spyware Infection Today

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For over 10 years we support all business networks in Long Island, including Active Directory, Group Policy, Exchange Servers, DNS, DHCP, SharePoint, Quickbooks, ACT, and your custom software. We Understand and Can Support Your Business Needs! We are in your neighborhood.


Long Island Computer Repair can provide your business with the full range of Microsoft Server Support including server maintenance, server upgrades, server repairs, and server problem troubleshooting. We can also remove viruses from your servers and install server antivirus software to help prevent server viruses in the future.

Long Island Computer Repair provides Microsoft Server maintenance and Server Administration for Microsoft Windows Server 2000, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Small Business Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Small Business Server, Microsoft Windows Server 2011 Small Business Server. Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, and Microsoft Exchange Server 2008.


Long Island Computer Repair has experienced, and professional technicians who specialize in working with computer networks and performing computer network installations, and troubleshooting. We can improve network security, add computers to your network and configure your desktop computers and laptops for remote access.


Long Island Computer Repair can wire your office with network, phone, and coax cable, patch panels for your phone and data, network Switches, routers and firewalls.


If your business is relocating or expanding you will need hands experienced with disconnecting existing systems and ensuring their safe transport and reconnection at the end of the move. Let us move your current phone system, and get your data network running by the date you specify.


If you have mission critical data or need a HIPAA compliant data backup solution, you need to make this a top priority. We setup daily local and remote backups that are HIPAA compliant. Have your checked your disaster recovery plan lately? Call us today!


Customers can always count on Long Island Computer Repair to help them immediately with a down server. After hours, or during regular business hours, we can provide emergency server repair at your place of business. Long Island Computer Repair can help you setup a disaster recovery plan that can minimize downtime including the monitor of Servers, the computers on the network, and Uninterrupted Power Supply.


Long Island Computer Repair can help you migrate your data including: Active Directory, Exchange Stores, DNS Servers, user profiles, and file data from your existing Windows Server to a new Windows Server. Most of our time we can move your data to a new server after regular business hours so office productivity is not affected.


Whether you need a simple memory upgrade or a new RAID, we can help make your upgrades cost effective with minimal downtime for your office. We work around your schedule to minimize the impact on daily operations of your business.