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Over 10 years of experience with Microsoft Windows platform -Our professional team can setup, and secure your network.We Understand and Can Support Your Business Needs! We are in your neighborhood.

Network Support in Long Island:

Long Island Computer Repair Experts can work with your new business to design and install a fully functional Small Business Network built around the Windows Server platform. This State-of-the-Art network will keep your business information secured while providing accessibility to authorized users in or out of the office.

We have over 10 years of experience with Microsoft Products, we have the skills and knowledge to provide your business with what it needs to stay ahead in this business environment. We provide consulting services to purchase the the Servers that fit your needs and requirements, Desktops and Networking equipment that is suitable for your business size. After the purchase and delivery of the equipment, we will install and configure each device, providing a detailed installation log.

Network Setup Includes:

  • Server and Desktop purchasing assistance.
  • Purchasing of additional network Equipment
  • Cabling -Data, phone and coax cable runs
  • Locating a suitable Internet Provider
  • Unpacking and setting up all machines
  • Configure and secure the network
  • Joining the computers to the Network
  • Installing additional Line-of-Business Applications
  • Configure Backup and Recovery
For addition information or to speak with an expert regarding installation please contact us today.